• Seamless integration
    of respiratory data via integrations with popularly-prescribed PAP/NIV devices, all in one platform.
  • Risk stratification
    makes it easy to identify and better inform treatment decision making for your highest-risk, under-treated patients.
  • Telehealth capabilities
    to help you stay connected via text, audio and video capabilities.
  • Integrate

    Data from PAP/NIV manufacturers on a daily basis, all in one dashboard.

  • Stratify

    Patients based on risk and focus on your underperformers.

  • 20 00


    RPM and telemedicine services via built-in time-tracking and reporting tools.

  • Communicate

    With your patients via HIPAA- compliant SMS, audio, or video capabilities.

  • Analyze

    Your patients’ adherence, risk categories, and practice metrics throughout time.

We make remote patient monitoring possible

MonitAir enables you to successfully implement a reimbursable RPM practice that leads to informed changes in your patients' care plan through:
• automatic integration of sleep and respiratory data
• interactive risk stratification
• two-way interactive communication


Telemedicine that adapts
to evolving healthcare needs

New paradigms in medicine call for rapidly evolving modalities for patient-provider interactions. MonitAir provides the ease and accessibility of telemedicine, with simplified tools to better manage your patients.